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Dragomon digivolutiones BnB by Fudgy-Trees
Dragomon digivolutiones BnB
Dragomons digivolution chart! Starting it off first row is classic :3

Partner: Dragomon

Classic line: Dragoonmon,
Evolution block champion by Fudgy-Trees
Evolution block champion
Dragomons champion level Dragoonmon

Name: Dragoonmon
Type: Data
Attribute: Dragons Roar
Level: Champion
Special attack: Burning blaze: Fires a stream of of green fire at enemy
Attack 1: Quick shot: Flies at extreme speed towards the enemy,
Attack 2: Serpents wrap: Wraps around the enemy constructing them like a snake.
Evolution block Rookie Dragomon by Fudgy-Trees
Evolution block Rookie Dragomon
Just a practice evolution block with Dragomon. I'll be making his champions block soon.

I decided to use the hexagon in the upper corner as a pervious evolution. Kinda like on pokemon cards.

Dragomon~ :iconfudgy-trees:


Bnb 2015 Application Shelby McCloud and Dragomon by Fudgy-Trees
Bnb 2015 Application Shelby McCloud and Dragomon
Yeah! Heh since I kinda lucked out last year not doing anything, I want to try again! And this year will be a lot of fun with all the new improvements.


Name: Shelby Mc'Cloud
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Age: 18
Crest: Optimisim
Partner: Dragomon

Personality: With a eyes open to adventure and new experiences in life, Shelby is up for any challenge that is brought to her. She has open eyes and believes the future is birght and full of good things to come, Being so optimistic about life will aid her greatly in this tournament. She will strive for the good days to come.

Shelby is a very kind and understanding person as well. She dosen't judge others much, unless they have done something terribly wrong. She is forgiving if she belives you really are sorry for what you have done. She likes to help others and listen to their problems. Although she might not always understand, she will listen and try to help.

Having first aid skills, Shelby knows how to aid others when they need her. More or so humans then digimon, but will also try to help the digimon too.


Digivice capabilities:

The D-Hilt Shelby has is very similar to one of the judges :iconmoonphyr: digivice since Hukaro and Shelby come from the same fan-made digimon series. They're relationship in bits and bytes will be different though considering they do not know eachother in this universe. But they will end up knowing eachother in time to come.

Things it can do is basic to most digivicies, It has radar to find others and her parnter. Can scan digimon that Dragomon sees to get the information on them such as type, level, and special attacks. It can store Dragomon in the real world. It is also a card scanner as the D-arc is. The cards don't aid Dragomon incrediably though, but if he can't digivolve and their in a sticky situation they can help a bit to at least stun a digimon and for them to run.

Color: Sky blue
Crest: Optimisim.
Digivolution capabilites: Any that are unlocked using the point system.
Starting digivolution capabilities: Classic.


Partner Profile:

Type: Data
level: Rookie
Attribute: Dragons Roar
Special tech: Flame burst- Dragomon shots a green condensed fire ball from his mouth that explodes open impact.
Attaack 1: Dragon Rush-  Tackles enemy with a fast running blow.
Attack 2: Upper cut- Using the blades on his arms he uppercuts the enemy.

Personality: Dragmon is a childish digimon. He is carefree and loves to play. He is a friendly digimon that dosen't hurt other tamers digimon. He is very attached to Shelby, Like a child to their mother.

When he battles he has a different personality, He's very protective of Shelby and will fight any digimon that tries to hurt her. He is vicious and won't stop until he feels Shelby is safe.


Yep their's my application! I'm ready for this year. :3

Shelby and Dragomon belong to~ :iconfudgy-trees:

Come and join if you like! The adventure just begun! :iconbitsandbytesoct:


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

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Kirara003 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015
I miss you :c I wish we had more time to spend together
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i miss you too! I wish we did too :c
Kirara003 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015
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Where is your art??  I haven't seen anything new from you in forever!! :c
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I havent done art in a while! Maybe ill do something soon. Just so busy you know? And if i ever could i would c:
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Happy Birthday. ^^
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